posters made to leave around the school

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I’d like to correct this:

“God, send us someone to cure AIDS, cancer, etc., etc.”

“I did, but you gave them a substandard education because they lived in an area with poor funding due to low property taxes.  

I did, but you let them die because they couldn’t afford healthcare.  

I did, but due to racism you stomped out their potential and didn’t give them the same opportunities.  

I did, but you make a college education too unaffordable while giving the big bankers passes.

I did, but you saw a homeless youth before you saw a kid with potential.  

I did, but you kicked the downtrodden while they were already shoulder deep in sinking sand.”

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I did, but you forced her to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, forcing her to become a single mother with limited income, having to sacrifice her college dreams in order to provide for her unwanted child.

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bless the god damn comments on this post.

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"Woah! Easy on the bullshit"

Deadpool anit having none of that today.

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A brilliant metaphor

6. Cycle lanes are built just for you, and then the cars drive in those too.

Some days I think about these tweets and go “shit, man, I don’t wanna bike today. I can’t stop being female in this culture; why do I deliberately ride my bike in the city on top of that?”

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I found this while walking around in Larnaca,Cyprus. Really amazing and beautiful.

also seen elsewhere in Cyprus

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Sometimes it’s a choice.  Sometimes the choice is hard to make.  Most of the time, it’s good for you in the end.

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [3/5] favorite male characters ✿ Felix Dawkins
Am I blushing? There’s redness, right there! Tiny little suburban stress zits, emerging in direct proximity to bad architecture.

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